Market concept: integrity management, customer first.
              Quality idea: no quality talent, there is no quality of enterprises, there is no quality of the product.
              Service philosophy: sincere hospitality, excellent win, and continuously improve product quality, and strive to improve the quality of personal service, so that the true beauty of our customers enjoy the most distinguished service.

              Development direction: striving to be famous, bigger and stronger, for the benefit of one party, contribute to the community.

              Guangdong Zhenmei Food Group Co., Ltd. established a complete set of management philosophy, the implementation of management is service, managers put more emphasis on a sense of responsibility and dedication. Companies pay close attention to the scale of investment, staff size, but also monitor the investment direction and organizational dynamics, and strive to make the difficulty and complexity of management's ability to adapt with the company management, human resources and the provision of value-added capital appreciation to adapt the company to maintain treatment accident, sufficient capacity to emergencies and crisis.
              The quality of the product, personality character is good or bad.

              In adhering to the "quality first, customers first, prevention, continuous improvement," the quality at the same time, the customer has always insisted on the production ambassador to eat at ease, eat at ease, happy to eat products, all customer-centric, make every effort to make customers enjoy the greatest supreme product quality assurance and service.

              Qualified real beauty must have good moral character, have completed the work they are engaged in basic job knowledge and technical skills, you must agree with the corporate culture and values, loyalty to the company, has a strong ability to solve practical problems and experiences. The establishment of such a high-quality professional administrative staff, is an important condition for sustainable development of enterprises, it is important to ensure the success of true beauty.

              Back to the community is the true beauty of each principle must be upheld. True beauty group with a broad mind to welcome the strength of the major shareholders of the investment, continue to seek partners to continue to grow the scale of production, continue to provide the most comfortable working environment and excellent for people Chaoshan area, the Guangdong region, and around the world. living environment for all true Americans and all people who need help the most suitable space for development and the most timely help.